Boxing Success | How To Punch Like Mike Tyson | Tom Yankello’s Boxing And Padwork Drill #4

Want to have boxing success and learn how to punch like Mike Tyson? Tom Yankello hosts his 4th Boxing and Padwork drill on the World Class Boxing Channel and breaks down how Mike Tyson used to shift and switch his stance.

Boxing mitt drills for beginners and advanced athletes are featured through boxing pad work instruction, heavy bag combo drills, and shadow boxing. Tom Yankello teaches this week’s boxing and Pad work drill for fighters, coaches, AND anyone who’s looking to get in shape and stay in shape. The video begins with an introduction of the drill that is to be mastered throughout the week. Tom then demonstrates the drill on the pads with a boxer. The same drill is then demonstrated by the boxer on the heavy bag and ends with the boxer showing you how the drill should be done through shadowboxing. Anyone that doesn’t have a trainer that can perform this drill on the pads should focus on mastering the drill on the heavy bag and shadow boxing. Mastering these weekly boxing drills will bring your game and fitness to another level!

Creating openings and set ups for knock outs:

Vital Punching Targets:

Boxing Film Study:

Technique Builders:

Boxing Training Tips:

Training Samples:

Mike Tyson Shifts, Switches and Set Ups:

How To Defend And Counter A Left Hook:

How To Defend and Counter The Right Hand:

Tom Yankello’s Padwork Drills:

Coach Tom Media:

Shoulder Health and Strength:

Band Exercises:

Neck Training:

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